Sunday, January 28, 2007

Wii love Nintendo

I played the Wii! I love it! This is the best console ever made. Nintendo always comes up with the coolest interactive content and technology. The track and field pad, the zapper gun, and bongos for Donkey Kong.

Xbox 360 is good and PS3 is good but they are what we expect from a console. Nintendo took it to the next level.

Our children will be in shape

The next generation of children will get fit with the Wii. Parents buy this for your children and make sure they stay fit. No long will children veg in front of the tv playing baseball and tennis with a control that does all the action for them. With the Wii players have to swing to hit the ball, use a pitching motion to through the baseball to the catcher, and do a backhand swing to hit the tennis ball over the net.

I was tired after 30 minutes of play. I guess I am out of Wii shape but the more I play the more fun I have.

Buy it if you can find it!

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