Saturday, February 24, 2007

Wii it's Excite Truck from Nintendo

You're cruising through the woods, intently focused on the goal. With your fingers crossed tight, you speed past opponents and in between trees, hoping you can finish the day without another wreck. Having speeds in great excess of the limit, you launch off hills and mountains like Tony Hawk flies off ramps. You soar over the world and all its glory – the trees, the lake, and countless man-made structures. Bridges, which are typically crossed, act as a danger zone that, if enough air has been gained, will be crossed over with ease.

Though your eyes are much too busy to see everything the first time, you notice a cluster of hills up ahead. As harmless to your vehicle as the situation may be, there's something about it that raises a red flag. All things likely, you know that one of the hills will slow you down. CYou couldn't possibly gain enough air. There's little hope. Your opponents might catch up.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Sony PSP answers iTunes

Sony plans on launching their new movie download service in early 2007. This is a new rival to the Apple iTunes will allow the user to download movies to a computer and transfer the movies to a MemoryStick memory card for viewing on the PSP.

The new service is developed by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and complements the more than 20 million Sony PSPs sold worldwide. The Sony 4GB MemoryStick holds up to 10 feature films.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

IPTV and the Xbox 360: Two of a Kind

Microsoft has announced that the Xbox 360 will get digital television features based on the company's Microsoft TV IPTV software. The online television service offers users channel guides, digital video recording, on-demand video, and other online features.The upcoming IPTV features expand on the Xbox 360's already formidable multimedia features, like iXbox Live downloads, HD-DVD support with an optional drive, and compatibility with Windows XP Media Center media streaming.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Matrix Path of Neo: I am Ready for a New Matrix Game, You?

A total of fifty levels allow the player to participate in many of the major action scenes from the films. Most of these sequences, picked by the movie directors themselves,[2] are taken from the first film in the series.

At the start of the game, the player is hacker Thomas Anderson, and does not possess any of the powers that the character will later discover as Neo. As the game continues, players learn new skills and techniques, equipping Neo for the final showdown with Agent Smith. These additional skills may be learned both in training levels and in the main game. Many of these skills are used by Neo in the trilogy, including the bullet dodge, bullet stop, and flight. A number of weapons are available in the game, consisting of both melee weapons (including various types of swords, staffs, and escrimas) and firearms (assault rifle, submachine gun, pistol etc).

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Contra III for the Nintendo Wii: Back To the Future

Contra III picks up right about where just about every Contra game picks up: The evil alien forces of the vile Red Falcon have invaded Earth. As either Bill in solo play or with Lance in two-player, you take on several stages' worth of nasty aliens firing guns, other aliens, and all sorts of other unpleasantness coming at you until you've defeated the aforementioned vile Red Falcon. Of course, the trick here is that all these stages are wicked hard and packed to the brim with enemies and crazy pitfalls that sometimes come out of nowhere.

Maybe $8 isn't the best price for a relatively brief shooter like Contra III, but its addictive and challenging gameplay makes it easier to justify paying such a price. For Contra fans, this one's basically a no-brainer, but if you never really got into the series back in the day and fancy yourself a shooter fan, this is as good a place as any to start.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Super Bowl Frenzy with Madden 2007

I played Madden 2007 today, and put in the Indianapolis Colts and Chicago Bears, and let it pay the game while I watched. Guess who won? The Colts of course, it was a close game that came down to a field goal with 1 minute left in the game and then the bears throw an interception to win the game. The final score 24-21 Colts.

Good luck to both teams but I think Madden knows who is going to win......