Saturday, February 24, 2007

Wii it's Excite Truck from Nintendo

You're cruising through the woods, intently focused on the goal. With your fingers crossed tight, you speed past opponents and in between trees, hoping you can finish the day without another wreck. Having speeds in great excess of the limit, you launch off hills and mountains like Tony Hawk flies off ramps. You soar over the world and all its glory – the trees, the lake, and countless man-made structures. Bridges, which are typically crossed, act as a danger zone that, if enough air has been gained, will be crossed over with ease.

Though your eyes are much too busy to see everything the first time, you notice a cluster of hills up ahead. As harmless to your vehicle as the situation may be, there's something about it that raises a red flag. All things likely, you know that one of the hills will slow you down. CYou couldn't possibly gain enough air. There's little hope. Your opponents might catch up.

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