Saturday, November 03, 2007

RedOctane, Activision, and Neversoft Rock!

With original Guitar Hero developer Harmonix off the project and Tony Hawk creators Neversoft now on board, it would be fair to wonder if anything that made the wildly popular rhythm game franchise so awesome would be lost in the shuffle. The good news is that Guitar Hero III is Guitar Hero through and through.

The core gameplay underwent some basic tweaks, and the long and varied tracklist is the best of any game in the series to date. The extreme difficulty of some of the game's more severe songs will challenge the Guitar Hero experts.

Many of the songs in Guitar Hero III are the original songs by the artists, as opposed to covers created for the purposes of the game. The career mode uses the same tiered-unlocking system with encores at the end of each tier.

Mulit-Player Mode
There are also six songs you can unlock only in co-op career, to promote the multi-player mode. The face-off and pro face-off modes from the previous Guitar Hero games return.

Despite increased difficulty and shameless sponsoring, this game still rocks more than the previous installments.

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