Monday, January 21, 2008

Top 10 Video Game Forums

Want to meet other video gamers that share your passion for playing video games? At video game forums you can talk about video games, game cheats, new releases, easter eggs, and anything video game. The top 10 video game forums include:

1) IGN Boards
2) Vault Network Boards
3) d2jsp
4) Gamefaqs
5) General [M]ayhem
6) Gamespy
7) Game Battles
8) Rotten Tomatoes
9) Jolt Forums
10) City of Heroes

Meet up with other gamers and share a like.


Tricky1 said...

Hello! I am very happy to be a part of the video game Forums Community. Have you seen the new playstaion 4, new Xbox, PSP2, Wii. Man they're awsome! . Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Gamefaqs fucking sucks, you can't talk about porn sites or say curse words or you'l get a 30 day suspension, the fucking mods must be a bunch of catholic cunts.

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