Sunday, December 03, 2006

eBay Tips for selling Video Games

After 4 years of selling Video Games on eBay I have learned that it is fun but not a business.

What are the tips I learned?

1. Sell on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday evening between 5pm and 10pm EST (Everyone sells on the Weekends and it gets too competitive)

2. Always give feedback. If someone is a good buyer or seller reward them and everyone will do the same thing. Feedback is the most important criteria for a buyer. You can only participate in the ebay powerseller program.

3. Set a real auction and buy now price. Don't start at $.01 because it may sell. It is ok if you only sell 25-50% of your games each week. Just make sure you are getting the optimal amount of profit.

4. Give just enough information to completely inform but not to overwhelm your buyers.

5. Use clear pictures of the actual product. The better the picture the more interested a buyer will be.

6. Offer one type of product at a time, don't list two of the same games unless you know they will sell right away. This will give the buyer an incentive to purchase, thinking it may not be their tomorrow since it is the only one in your store.

7. Use the hot lists from eBay. They take the time to figure out what is selling and what is not. But on the other side of the coin, look for hot sellers before everyone else does.

8. Be prepared for eBay to give up information about the hot categories you find before everyone else. Be pro-active and find hot categories yourself.

9. Always offer Paypal and Money order. Some people don't trust paypal or don't have a checking account. If they use paypal they will pay by paypal.

10. Be very careful about International buyers. I only sold to Canadian buyers. Even though Internaitonal buyers are willing to pay more, shipping is not always 100% reliable.

11. Always thank a person for their purchase and tell them when you are going to send the product and how long it should take.

12. Use boxes for fragile products instead of bubble mailers. Buyers will pay more for boxes. You can get them at Uline for a reasonable price. Use the Wrap Pack for bubble mailers.

Got more tips, let us know.

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